Ozzy Osbourne shows he's still metal as f*ck in BTS look at 'Patient Number 9' music vid

Ozzy Osbourne shows he's still metal as f*ck in BTS look at 'Patient Number 9' music vid

"I can see why Ozzy doesn't want to retire."

Last month Ozzy Osbourne dropped his new single 'Patient Number 9' from his upcoming album of the same name, which will be the 73-year-old's 13th solo studio record. 

Now he's given fans a glimpse at the making of the music video for the single, which features Jeff Beck on guitar. 

What stands out the most in the 5-minute behind-the-scenes clip is just how much the rock legend still loves performing - it must be part of that black magic that keeps him going despite the rough life he's led. 

Throughout the filming of the music video, which depicts Ozzy battling his own psyche in demon form in a mental institution, he turns on his trademark 'Prince of Darkness' persona with almost the same guts he gave it 40 years ago.

He bares his teeth, howls at the sky, scowls down the barrel of the camera and is clearly having a hell of a time - you'd hardly know he'd recently been fighting for his life through a series of serious health issues. 

Fans of the Ozzman were stoked to get a look at the process of making the video, dropping hundreds of comments about his commitment to his craft.

"I can see why Ozzy doesn't want to retire, he always seems his happiest and most youthful when performing," one YouTube user wrote. 

"It's really refreshing to see Ozzy looking healthy and in good spirits after the medical hell he's been through these past few years," said another. 

"This man lives not only for the music but for his fans," wrote a third. 

One fan thanked Ozzy for the "very personal insight" into his art. "It's much appreciated from all of your fans worldwide, you're looking good considering all you've been through the last few years, still with us and still smashing it. Metal GOD." 

"I’m so thankful The Oz Man is still cranking them out!" another comment read.

"There’s NOTHING  like Ozzy! There may be some really good talent out there, but there’s ONLY ONE OZZY OSBOURNE! Rock on Rock Man!!!" 

The final scenes of the clip prove Ozzy hasn't lost his sense of humour or humility, either. Holding up his long black fingernails, he tells the camera: "With these, I'm going to go to the bathroom and castrate myself." 

"I hope it's a hit," he adds of his new song. At the time of writing, the original music video for 'Patient Number 9' has racked up nearly 3 million views.