‘Responsible Campers’ want to change NZ’s public pooping laws in fear of overflow problem

‘Responsible Campers’ want to change NZ’s public pooping laws in fear of overflow problem

Our current shit laws are a bit shit apparently

New Zealand’s public pooping laws, yup we have pooping laws, have come under scrutiny from the Responsible Campers Association Inc (RCAi) as they are tired of all the shit, literally. 

Over the weekend the “advocacy group for freedom campers” released a statement asking for a change to public defecation laws. 

Currently, possible public poopers can avoid a $200 fine if they can prove that they thought no one was watching them while they were doing their business. 

More needs to be done to ensure faeces is cleaned up and out of sight, they say, especially with the expected boom of tourists coming this Summer. 

They believe the law should make it so that public poopers ensure that “the business is done at least 50 metres from a waterway and the waste is buried to a minimum of 15cms”, as well as the current ‘no one saw me do it’ law. 

It seems RCAi know their shit. 

To us, it feels like pretty common sense that you should have to bury whatever waste you drop on public land. 

Bob Osbourne, a spokesperson for the group, says that freedom campers have long been blamed for all the public waste seen on our land. So much so that there have been news articles blaming them for excess waste, and councils have even banned freedom campers from some sites. 

“There is no evidence linking any specific group to this undesirable practice which affects travellers every day all over New Zealand,” Osbourne told The Guardian. 

He told RNZ that the request to change the law comes because he feels freedom campers are getting the short end of the shit stick. 

The group believes that the long-term solution to the problem is more public toilets roadside, in the meantime however, they just want some common sense poop laws.