WATCH: Investigator - Shade

Have a listen to their latest track here!
26 August 2022 7:15PM

INVESTIGATOR are back with their follow up to last year’s charting success, Lake of Eyes. 

The new single Shade explores toxic relationships and domestic violence toward women and will now be the title track off the upcoming album, due to be released later this year. This is the fourth song in a series of releases to feature similar tropes, with the underlying message: You get one shot at this life, own it!

Written during the lockdown in the latter part of 2021, Adrian wanted to bring the same energy to Shade that the band tapped into during the recording sessions of Lake of Eyes. He describes it as a hybrid of The Cult’s, She Sells Sanctuary and Weta’s, Let It Go. Sprinkle a little Smashing Pumpkins in the mix, add a wall of guitars and those trademark INVESTIGATOR soaring vocals, boom - another killer driving track.

This is a song created to play live, Dave & Craig bring a huge rhythm section, with tom fills and walking bass lines. While Kane again shows why he’s the go to producer for the band, supplying gothic synths and a sound so massive that it could rip the roof right off the building!

Shade is out across all digital platforms April 15th.