WATCH: System Of A Down members perform ‘Aerials’ with cover band

WATCH: System Of A Down members perform ‘Aerials’ with cover band

One day they tell you you’re gonna play at a dinner for SOAD, next you’re playing alongside them

Heavy metal legends Serj Tankian and John Dolmayan, from System Of A Down, gave a cover band a night to remember when they jumped in and performed ‘Aerials’.

Cover band Médium were booked to play at a restaurant in Mexico where Dolmayan was celebrating his 50th birthday with friends and family. 

Dolmayan, in a proper birthday spirit, is already behind the drumkit when the footage starts. Tankian’s wife, Angela (whose sister is the wife of Dolmayan, making the two bandmates brothers-in-law), has to encourage the vocalist to get behind the microphone.

As he eventually emerges from the crowd, the cover band’s lead singer shows his respect to Serj by gesturing a prayer toward him. 

Médium are massive SOAD fans, so they were pretty stoked to be performing for two of the band’s members, and even more stoked when they got to rock out with them. In a now (for some reason) deleted post, the band said:

“One day they tell you that you’re going to play at a dinner for System of a Down, and the next you’re playing alongside them,” the post read. “Without a doubt, one of our best experiences.”

The song they performed, ‘Aerials’ comes of System Of A Down’s 2001 album ‘Toxicity’.

‘Toxicity’ is the album a lot of people view as the band’s big break. The album dropped on September 4th, 2001, and debuted at number one on American and Canadian charts. 

‘Aerials’ itself was a widely popular track at the time, reaching the top of Billboard’s Alternative Songs and Mainstream Rock charts, and was the band’s first number-one hit. Loudwire ranks the song at number three on their list of the band’s best songs.