KFC drop mid-winter merch to help fundraise for new mental wellbeing initiative

They're dropping mid-winter Christmas merch to help fundraise for the new foundation 'KFC for Good.'
26 August 2022 7:15PM

KFC have just launched something good - and it doesn't involve chicken!

Today (August 10), KFC have announced they're dropping mid-winter Christmas merch to help fundraise for their new foundation 'KFC for Good.'

The foundation, which was also launched today, was created to "give back to communities", by championing causes to help equip kiwis with skills to support their wellbeing.

KFC have teamed up with Clearhead - an app that helps young kiwis navigate their mental wellbeing by connecting people to support when they need it, providing self-help tools, and 24/7 access to wellbeing assistants.

“Physical and mental wellbeing is fundamental to everyone, and through our partnership with Clearhead as well as our ongoing work with Surf Lifesaving NZ, we hope we can make tangible, positive impact for New Zealanders," KFC CEO Arif Khan said in an official press release. 

All money raised from the merch will go to funding Clearhead subscriptions for members of the community.

Plus, KFC will be sponsoring Clearhead subscriptions and access to funded therapy to 1000 people in need every month. Community applications for Clearhead subscriptions will be advertised shortly - details will be here.

Plus, if you wanna get your hands on some of that mid-winter Christmas merch, it drops at 10 am today and you can grab yours here