This war story about 'The Greatest Beer Run Ever' is so crazy it's being made into a movie

This war story about 'The Greatest Beer Run Ever' is so crazy it's being made into a movie

A movie about mates, beers, and war, featuring Bill Murray and Russel Crowe - count us in.

We’ve all been through some truly incredible stories in our time, some more unbelievable than others, and all involving some beers we're sure. 

But this classic story of a New Yorker in the ‘60s 100 per cent takes the cake - so much so that it has been made into a movie featuring Bill Murrary, Russel Crowe, and Zac Efron.  Check out the trailer below. 

John ‘Chickie’ Donohue was 26 years old in 1967. His step-brother and best mates were in Vietnam, fighting in one of the most deranged and brutal wars ever. 

One day, he was at a pub watching an anti-war demonstration on the TV news with some other blokes at the pub. The bartender, nicknamed the Colonel, said aloud to the group “Somebody ought to go over to ‘Nam, track down our boys from the neighbourhood, and bring them each a beer.”

And that is exactly what Chickie did. Packing 18 beers into a duffel bag and heading off to surprise the fellas. 

50 odd years later, Chickie and his mates caught up to relive it, just like the Sunday debrief after a crazy night out. Listen to those classic New York accents, incredible stuff. 

Chickie made a list of who he wanted to drop the beers off to, like some New York gangster Santa dropping brewskies off to the good boys fighting for their country. 

When he got to the first mate on the list, he didn’t make that big of a deal, simply saying “Eyyy Ricky, how are ya?!”

He had literally rocked up in the standard jeans and shirt combo, which would make him stick out like a, well like a bloke in jeans in an active warzone. 

“He’s in a combat zone and here he is walking around like he’s going on a golf outing,” said one of his mates. 

Chickie said he did kind of regret the whole trip at one point when there were bullets flying overhead and bombs blowing up not too far away.

It sounds like the regret you get after buying a camping ticket for a festival and the couple in the tent next to you decide to make the loudest love ever made. 

“That night I thought this might have been a dumb thing to do,” he said. 

Honestly, the whole story is absolutely incredible - that’s truly mates right there.

The movie is set to come out in theatres and on Apple TV+ on September 30th.