Listen to Decades' new song 'Get Me Home'

Listen to Decades' new song 'Get Me Home'

'The Truth and Other People' is out July 14.

Christchurch rock band Decades have just announced the release of their debut album THE TRUTH AND OTHER PEOPLE, out July 14th.

Alongside the announcement they also released their new single ‘Get Me Home’, a track about realising that you've surrounded yourself with people that don't align with your values or path in life.

"When Liam brought this song to the table, it really struck a chord with me for where I had been at in my life,” says frontwoman, Emma Cameron. “I was in a period of my life where I felt trapped in the mediocre, unable to spread my wings, and so I foolishly dived into fake friendships and partying too hard to make myself feel alive and wanted. Eventually you realise you’ve just become another enabler for people to numb themselves to reality, and it was time to go home and face my own.”