Have a look at Bakers Eddys' newest single 'Jack Shit For You'

These guy are moving fast!

Bakers Eddy has made themselves one of NZ's most in demand and exciting young rock bands. 

The young lads formed in Wellington at high school way back in 2009. The band members consist of Ciarann Babbington (guitar/vocals), Jamie Gordon (drums/backing vocals) and twin bro's Ian and Alex Spaganolo who are (bass/backing vocals, guitar/backing vocals). 

Now living in Melbourne, Bakers Eddy are about to unleash their new material to the world, revealing a hella exciting and fresh new sonic direction for the five-piece.

The tune was recorded in the City with Shihad's legendary Tom Larkin on the production desk alongside Joe Grace (production/engineering), the band set about capturing their energetic live show in a studio setting.

This track is the first from their upcoming EP - a fast tempo dirty-pop punk tune, that is full of youthful desperation. 

"We're all about having fun at the moment, living large with zero dollars... I think that shows through the music. There's an element of ‘who gives a shit’ and youthfulness mixed with cheap wine.”

Have a watch above.