Villainy - 'Cut'

Meant to be played LOUD.

CUT, the new single from Kiwi rock legends Villainy's new album RAISED IN THE DARK brings a huge slab of hard rock to the table.

Personified by the opening riff which swaggers through a tale of late nights and misadventure, the song builds into an explosive guitar-driven chorus and doesn't let go until the final notes. 

This is a song built to be played at volume and will inspire gig goers to remember what it feels like to be at a rock show.

Today, Villainy release their third album, RAISED IN THE DARK, which finds the rock band hitting another peak. In typical Villainy fashion the 10 track outing does not stick to one place and moves seamlessly from the pulsating guitar drive of the title track and songs like ‘CUT,’ to the future-punk of ‘IFXS’, to anthems ‘DREAMS’ and ‘BEGGAR’ and into newer more experimental ground with ‘Uncomfortable’. Written and recorded during a number of tense sessions and culled from an initial output of over 120 songs this album is Villainy at their most honest and raw but also their most refined.