WATCH: Ekko Park - All Eyes On Me

WATCH: Ekko Park - All Eyes On Me

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25 August 2022 2:05PM

Ekko Park delivers its unique edge to rock n roll with an honesty & energy that has seen them develop a passionate following in their home country and has taken them to Europe where they continue to enjoy huge success on commercial rock radio.

The first single from the album All Eyes On Me is out now and features guest vocalist Grant Nicholas of Welsh indie rock giants Feeder.

The music video was directed and conceptualised by Alex Hargreaves (Ekko Park's guitarist) and filmed & edited by Kwasnik Pictures.

Vocalist, Joe Walsh says of the track; “ 'All Eyes On Me' was a reaction to me sitting in an airport bar and watching the very same news story being played out on four very different networks ....four different tv screens....four different truths....and every eye in the bar transfixed.... I felt like an extra in Black Mirror or a living breathing Orwell novel….”

Ekko Park are set to release their new album, Horizon on August 21.

Watch All Eyes On Me above.