LISTEN: Head Like A Hole - Demons

5 October 2021 12:57PM

Head Like A Hole are back with this absolute ripper called Demons..

From HLAH's Facebook Account - The track Demons had been brewing for sometime and it really needed the right vocal and lyrics and it just so happened that Booga received an email from a Head Like A Hole (HLAH) fan Bridgett Power with poems attached.

After reading Demons it was obvious that we needed to use these lyrics so that is exactly what happened.

A perfect fit for Andrew Ashtons haunting guitar riff. Thankyou Bridget 🙏

Verses written by Bridgett Power and the chorus by Booga Beazley
Music by Head Like A Hole (HLAH)

Also a big thanks to Marc Swadel for putting together this video and Andy Morris from DRM and Tamzin Beazley.