WATCH: Sam Bartells - Bring You Down

WATCH: Sam Bartells - Bring You Down

25 August 2022 2:05PM

New Zealand contemporary alt-rock artist SAM BARTELLS, announces the release last week of his latest single ‘BRING YOU DOWN’.

Recorded with his band at Roundhead Studios with producer Dave Rhodes, ‘Bring You Down’ continues to document Bartells honest and heartfelt journey of self-redemption, through his music.

Never one to shy away from revealing his true feelings, Bartells gritty lyrics once more expose the fragility of human nature, and the relatable struggle to maintain emotional stability through the ups and downs of life.

“Bring You Down” is a song about the struggles of trying to stay positive through the challenges of everyday life, and how important it is to do that. Being a good person to be around, and not wanting to cast a shadow of negativity around the people you care about.

It’s not always an easy thing to achieve, but it’s important to strive for it.” Bartells song-writing remains refreshing in its brutal honesty. Singing “Dragging you through my fight, I thought cleaning myself up would have been enough. I was wrong and I’m still not right”, speaks to his ever-evolving personal pilgrimage through music as he willingly admits that it takes more than just sobriety to keep everything on an even keel.

Meanwhile, this is the first track of many more to come, as Bartells continues to propel his song-writing ever forward.