Poo Towns of NZ - Gisborne
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Gisborne

Just Jeremy gettin' Gizzy with it.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Here's the Gizzy edition of Poo Towns!


Lyrics below -


On your mark ready set let's go!

To a pretty cool land

Where the population is 37 grand

The sun's up first in this crazy town

Where way too many people drink Double Brown

In the city there's only one escalator

And the town clock looks like a via-brator

There's beaches, hunting and fishing too

And the mayor there is some guys called Meng Food

When you're wagging school, get some KFC

Hot box up a hill that's called Kaiti

Ther's Wainui Beach and Waikanae

Riverdale, Riverview, and Riverside

There's Rhythm and Vines as well I hear

They ran out of bread and condoms one year

But it rains most new year's, kind of shit

But it's still paradise mate

Getting Gizzy with it

All the boy racers doing laps down the maind road

Driving 5ks, yeah they drive really slow

50 percent white, 48 percent brown

No room for anyone else in this town

Cosmopolitan Club selling real cheap jugs

Clarke Gayford's home town and he likes hugs

Horses in the drive thru of Mickey D's

Can I have a Big Mac and a thick shake please?

There's a Captain Cook statue, but there's debate

If it's really Captain Cook, or his random mate

Awapuni, Gaddum's Hill, and Tamarau

Sponge Bay, Makarori, and Te Wharau

And it's happening there from time to time

High schoolers dating someone age 25

Once the capital of clap in all N-Z

But lost it to Hamilton you see

Getting Gizzy with it