Poo Towns - Hamilton
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns - Hamilton

Poo Towns number 9!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Here you go Hamilton!


Lyrics - 


There’s Boy racers on Te Rapa straight

They’d hang out there with all their mates

Till the cops shut that shit down

It has High crime and pregnancy

There’s inbreeding and STDs

I got chased by a crackhead with a crossbow, at 3am in town

That’s life in Hamilton

There’s a road called Rifle Range (road)

That’s life in Hamilton

Clap capital of New Zealand




Rock FM first started in Hamilton

It’s the home of Hush Hush and Devilskin

Got a river you could swim in years ago

A dirty old river called the Waikato

a bypass is coming so you won’t drive through

There’s a smell in Pukete where it smells like Poo

Have a bourbon and coke pre driving test

It’s the city of the future that we love the best


She said kiss me somewhere dirty, and so we drove

To Hamilton, where anything goes

Some say it’s boring, and that’s okay

We keep drinking Waikato Draught all day

Taniwha in the river is swimming still

Saw 20 people fighting out in Melville

Like Palmerston North but really big

Now you’re living in a city called Hamilton


That’s life in Hamilton

Some people are really strange

That’s life in Hamilton

Some things will never change