Poo Towns of NZ - New Plymouth
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - New Plymouth

New Plymouth, get this in your ear holes.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Here's your poo towns, New Plymouth! Enjoy.


Len Lye Arts Centre so shiny
Some think it was a big waste of money
Womad is there
And the Tattoo Fest is once a year
The Wind Wand is a bendy pole
Tukapa's not a great place to go
Taranaki THC is hard core
Whale Bone Bridge is on the foreshore
Treehouse is a pub
Where they get a lot of armed hold ups

Terry's takeaways are here
New Plymouth they are right there

Icon Karaoke
New Plymouth
Chaddies Charters happy
New Plymouth
Good for sky and surfing
White Hat Hotel has good gigs
When you go down to New Plymouth

One way streets all the way through town
Drive the wrong way each time you go down
Saw Fleetwood Mac
At Brookland's Bowl a few years back
The stands at the rugby ground
Are shut down so you have to stand around
Even though they're meant to like the Chiefs
Most still support the Canes in rugby
Park up for a feed
At Pig Out Point eat your KFC

Rock bands at the Mayfair
New Plymouth they all play there

2 buck Donna's working
In New Plymouth
Crave Strip Club keeps moving
New Plymouth
Small provincial city
Valentines and Kmart Man you wish!
They'll never come to New Plymouth