Poo Towns of NZ - Thames
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Thames

Some Spice Girls for ya, Thames.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Thames! How aaaare! Here's some Spice Girls for your poo towns of NZ. Enjoy. 


Yeah there is a record shop
Used records have they got
Tunnel by the boat park
Where the teens are smoking pot
Want some fishing bait?
Camp and Tackle is the spot
Garden Hoses at The Warehouse
Yeah they run out quite a lot

Leaving age is 20
At the local school
If you want an aqua dome
On your swimming pool
There’s lots of mercury
In the  water supply
Melissa’s ex boyfriend was such a hairy guy

If you’re in the Coromandel
You probably got there through Thames
Goldfields shopping center
The worst mall in NZ
If you wanna get some tyres
Get them from Frank Bunce
It’s only good for fishing
The town is full of country bumpkins

KFC runs out of Coke Zero of course
Specially on Wednesday’s when everyone’s in court
Never any tourists, at the old gold mine
Teenagers all pash at Karaka bird hide

If you’re in the Coromandel
You probably got there through Thames
A town for newly married
Or if you’re nearly dead
Big Toyota Factory
Heaps of bottle stores
Where’d they put that spaceship
That was down by the wharf?

If you’re in the Whitianga
Sorry if you went through Thames
Bus company’s Murphys
Not far from Coroglen
Hospital’s outdated
Been there far too long
Monument on the hill
Looks like a massive schlong

If you’re in the Coromandel
The anus is called Thames