Poo Towns of NZ - Kaitaia
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Kaitaia

Your turn, Kaitaia. Here's your Poo Towns!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

How aaaaare, Kaitaia? Here's your Poo Towns.


Little Sports Store Ryders Sports
Got a tiny crap airport
There's a train at the park
For the kids to have a play

RSA is the night club
Collards Tavern is a pub
Foreigners are planting avocados up the Cape

Council took the town clock down
They’ve put it in storage now
People on the benefit all probably still have jobs

Wearing Swandris and gumboots
Translated means “Ample Food”
Not sure how to spell it right
Have to google every time

That’s living in Kaitaia
No it isn’t perfect
But the cones are worth it
That’s living in Kaitaia
Where the girls are frisky and the boys drink whisky

Lot’s of people with crossed eyes
90 Mile Beach nearby
Good ole Mike at Ryders Sports
Will always see u right

Drugs wash up down at the beach
Biggest incomes come from Cheech
If you’re on a learners licence then you’ll be alright

Billy Mav’s at 9am
Drinking at breakfast again
Steinies, Cody’s, and Mum’s port, early drinks in the carport

Slogan is Journey’s Begin
Why is everyone leavin?
Wreckers and the car yard are
The same place to buy your car

That’s living in Kaitaia
There’s a snapper surf cast
Competition in March
That’s living in Kaitaia
There’s no Wof or Rego
But theres lots of Vegoes

Getting dressed up to go out
Then sitting on a ripped couch
At a garage at your mates a party and a band

Pot holes getting patched up
Next week they’ll be smashed up
Is it cos there’s so much pot in this part of the land?

So much rain it’s measured in
Metres and not in M M
Fire Siren is always
Going off all through the day

That’s living in Kaitaia
Shelly Kitchen’s from there
She plays squash did you hear?
That’s living in Kaitaia
The Café dress code says
No one in their PJ’s