Poo Towns of NZ - Pokeno
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Pokeno

To the tune of Kokomo by The Beach Boys
25 August 2022 2:05PM

How's it Pokeno? This week, Producer Jeremy picked Kokomo by The Beach Boys for your poo towns. Enjoy.


It’s main road was bypassed in the early 90s
The liquor store break ins, almost happen nightly
There’s no supermarket
But building’s nearly started
It’s only taken 8 or 9 years
For a Countdown in Pokeno
That’s where the wind will blow
If it’s not covered in fog
The Whiskey Company’s new
Ice Creams with twenty scoops
Yeah it’s where Aucklanders go
When they’re sick of being Aucklander’s
They go to Pokeno

Bake House is so swish
They’ve got Marinated Fish
The old public toilet
Glory hole inside it
There’s sausage and bacon
Piggie’s legs are shakin

Down in Pokeno
Dead Forest en route to Port Waikato
Leeches will suck your toe
Quite close to Pokeno

No fish and chips
For Tradie’s in High Vis

Subdivision city
It’s nickname’s North Huntly
Expensive dumplings you’ll find, when you go into the bakery
And a Ford St sign
Gets stolen all the time
And it keeps moving higher
Everytime they get a brand new sign
Down in Pokeno

Last place to get gas
Before there is a fuel tax
Blind Maori fella
Could be the Mayor I tell ya
Look out for your shins
It’s the tow bar of Auckland
The Ice Cream Shop’s bigger than the servo
People all Poke Their Nose
So it’s called Pokeyanose