Poo Towns of NZ - Kaikoura
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Kaikoura

Your turn, Kaikoura. Here's your poo towns!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

My Sharona for you, Kaikoura! Enjoy.


There’s so many stop-go signs, all the time
Night and Day is closed at Night - in Kaikoura
Fried chicken at the BP, and she’s tidy
Girl that works at the BP - in Kaikoura
Saw some UFO’s flying round 40 years ago
And a guy got crabs, from a girl, from there don’t you know

Kai-kai-kai-kai-kai Kaikoura

Seagulls are aggressive too, and people toot
In the tunnel on their way to - see Kaikoura
And Kaikoura Bakery’s, the one to see
And the town has got great cheese - in Kaikoura

Seafest used to be really good, but it got called off
Marlbrough Anniversary is the day that they have the trots

Kai-kai-kai-kai-kai Kaikoura

Adelphi’s Pub was the place, until the quake
Cooper’s catch has a long wait - in Kaikoura
Seals attack you at the beach, with their teeth
There’s backpacker action featured - in Kaikoura

Swingers always meet at a place called the Lobster Inn
If you want an ex-pensive Cray, go down to Nim’s Bin

Kai-kai-kai-kai-kai Kaikoura

At Emporium Brewery, ah- no beersies
Not a liquor licencee - in Kaikoura
So much paua in the sea, for you for free
Just don’t tell the fisheries - in Kaikoura

Irish Tony he’s playing jams at the Strawberry Tree
Drifting at the old go kart track happens regularly

Kai-kai-kai-kai-kai Kaikoura