Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Timaru

Back again for 2020 with this belter!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

He's back again for 2020 with this ripper track for Timaru - 

Lyrics below - 


Used to be 18 bars, but now there’s only 2

There was a song Today Tomorrow Timaru

It smells like fish, each morning from the boats

From the freezing works by afternoon, the pungent smell of poo floats


Yes - You’re in Timaru

Where you get a May’s Pie

You’re in Timaru

And the teens all get high

You’re in Timaru

Where there’s not much to do


You might meet Horse Tranq Frank, he’s also Acid Frank

And at the Moviemax, some guy’s having a one man party

It’s full of Bogans, mullets, and DB

And there’s Bottle Shops that close by 8, and Gloriavale escapees


But - You’re in Timaru

If you spell it backwards

You’re in Timaru

Then it spells U Ram It

You’re in Timaru

There’s great custard squares too


People knocking over rubbish bins a lot

Your mobility scooter is fast enough, to outrun the cops


You’re in Timaru

Caroline Bay’s Hometown

You’re in Timaru

Usually covered in cloud

You’re in Timaru

There’s chlamydia too