Poo Towns of NZ - Orewa
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Orewa

Another one to add to the list.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Just another bloody Poo Towns to add to the list, get around this one Orewa.



Lyrics Below -


Yes it’s Meals on Wheels, cos there’s no Uber Eats

Mobility Scooters all over the streets

So get out of their way, and get out of their face

Cos you don’t want to mess with these Granny Race-r’s

Top 10 campground no longer Top Ten

And The Nautilus Building is leaking again

So it’s covered in scaffolds and covered in tarps

Town smells like a mix of potpourri and farts


So-lo Mum’s live at Hatfields Beach

Orewa College Pregnancies, what do they teach?

There’s a 30 k speed limit all over town

When the kids wag, man they all go to the Countdown

Creole’s bar yeah it’s doing okay

But it’s off to Muldoon’s when there’s pokies to play

Some say it’s like the Florida of N Zed

But it’s like they’re all newly weds, or nearly deads in Orewa



Now this is the part mentioning Roger Farrelly

He’s sadly Orewa’s best known celebrity

Silverdale has a new mall that’s empty

If you pay the toll tunnel you will miss it completely


His Place is the name of the barbershop BUT

Only go there if you want Shaun Johnson’s haircut

This town has a nickname that’s Oldrewa

But some summer nights it’s called Ho-Rewa


Sir Ed Hilary has a great statue

Don’t ride a horse through the McD’s drive through

Quality’s low but prices are big

All the kids at the beach entering The Big Dig


It’s a very hard place to get out of bed

False teeth, adult diapers, and the Walking Dead

So many boomers and they all love to preach

Stand Up Paddle Boards and Sharks on the beach in Orewa