Poo Towns of NZ - Raglan
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Poo Towns of NZ - Raglan

Really adding to the Poo Towns collection now.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Bloody Raglan, you're up as this weeks #PooTownofNZ - and you wouldn't believe it but we're up to number 77!



Lyrics below -


This song’s about Raglan - oooh!

Some roads are unsealed

At the beach there’s always lots of rips

And there’s weed on people’s finger tips


This song’s about Raglan - oooh!

Crazy old man

Standing there with a gun in his hand

Stopping surfers going on his land


This is Raglan, home of Raglan Roast Coffee

There’s a shop that makes glass work from old TVs

Slow drivers on State Highway 23

School kids go surfing when they do PE


Makos off the coast pinch your tackle and your catch

Heaps of Aucklanders come down, higher prices on your bach

Some weird music fest I think it’s called Sound Splash

The guy that used to kill cats, yeah he wasn’t very flash


Good places to eat I might just list them off

Clover, The Food Department and Te Uku Coffee Shop

The Shack is always packed and people go in there a lot

And if you call it Rag-land it’s annoying - can you stop?


This song’s about Raglan - oooh!

Bongs at the beach

The Four Square is very overpriced

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt is nice


This song’s about Raglan - oooh!

Raglan Hotel

An iconic live music venue

Like The Yot Club and The Harbour View


The fish at Raglan Fish you can find it by the wharf

There’s a ban down at the beach on people riding on their horse

Mickey T’s a guy been shaping surf boards for so long

And people on the walking bridge are always doing bombs


You get drunk by the boat ramp and laugh at people sort-a

Failing badly when they’re backing up their boat into the water

And if you go down to the beach, the hill is really steep

And Xtreme Zero Waste cleaning up the town a heap


Three and a half thousand is now Raglan’s population

Quickies in the back seat of your car for copulation


Soul Shoes you can wear and know that they will not break ever

No never ever

They’re the best leather

Leather jandals ever



This song’s about Raglan - oooh!

Bridal Veil Falls

Popular tourist destination

48 k west of Hamilton


This song’s about Raglan

Richie Rimmer

He looks like a tall skinny chicken

People grab his butt he punches them