Poo Towns of NZ - Waiuku
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Waiuku

Really getting through them now! Here's #78
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Not much to say here other than it's another cracker from Jezza. Waiuku, this is your #PooTownsofNZ.


Lyrics below - 


The Kentish hotel is a good place to find people fighting on a Friday night

You’ll see it on Thursday and Saturday too, it’s like watching free UFC fights

Fitzys Fish and Chips is delicious and I hear that the hairdresser’s also good too

Just be careful when you hook up with someone in town, cos they might be related to you


And I’m singing yeah


There’s 50 cent meringue

Fingers for you at the local bake’ry

Takes you an hour or thre

If you commute to Auckland City

Like Area 51

So many creatures ‘round town for you to see

And there’s a famous AB

Stephen Donald’s their best celebrity

It’s a song about Waiuku

See a kid there sniffing glue

The gateway to Awhitu

And the best Butter chicken

Awesome coffee shops there too

And it’s nickname is the Ku

Everyday discovering it’s Fry-uku

Cos they love a glass Barbie

People doing Maccas mishes all the way to puke yes they they drive in their skyline

There’s a street called Allcock Road but’s somone’s always taking off with the road sign

Don’t drink the water, or marry your daughter, 235 is the area code

A homeless man named Seagull, and everybody has 12 fingers and toes


And you know that this


town is such a hole

You have to drive uphill if you wanna flee

2 Dollar Shop City

Weapons and Pipes at the local dairy

And they just drink Lion Red

Don’t ask for nothing else or you’ll be thirsty

And a guy called Billy 

Doing burnouts and riding a plastic horsey


It’s a song about Waiuku

Awesome op shops there for you

There’s a weather stone there too

But it always gets stolen

If you’re stuck for a job to do

There’s a steel mill for you

Highly likely that your Dad got the job for you

If he’s round in Waiuku


Mother Sister Wife and Lover

They’re the same in Waiuku


Husband Cousin Boyfriend Brother

They’re the same in Waiuku