Poo Towns of NZ - Coromandel
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Coromandel

Honestly, we've lost count now..
25 August 2022 2:05PM

We've gone back and re-recorded this cracker for you Coromandel!

Hopefully Jez has done your town justice.



Lyrics - 


Petrol so expensive they won’t display the price

Every beach mudflats or mangroves, no they’re not very nice

Salty Towers, outstanding bait shop. Best burley around.

DOC play Hide and Seek 1080 style in the middle of town 


Best weed in the country is from there

Coromandel Gold is not a beer

So many people walk around in jandals

You’ll find it in the Coromandel now - in the town


Pubs they name after location, Garter, Bottom, and Top

Most people do what the fuck they want cos there isn’t any cops

Sting Ray at the boat ramp’s huge, yeah it’s like Steve Irwin big

There’s a guy on 309 Road with way too many pigs


And those pigs he’s got by the dozen

And allegedly gives them lovin’

More Aucklanders than you can handle

With Baches in the Coromandel now - in the town


Boat prod-jects on every street, never look like they’ll be done

Local kids, jump off their roofs, into flax bushes for fun

The hippies and the vegans there are making soap and love

One way bridges are so tight your car fits them like a glove


James and Turner selling you hardware

You can make a bong from stuff there

New roundabout got them in a tangle

The first one in the Coromandel now - in the town


In Coromandel now

Coromandel nooooooow - Yeah