Poo Towns of NZ - Hokitika
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Hokitika

It's his best yet!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Hokitika, congrats you've won your very own #PooTownsofNZ track.



Lyrics - 



Karaoke at Railway Tavern

Foxy Joe runs it and there’s good times that they’re havin’

And at Stumper’s you can play the pokies

Selwyn Toogood - It’s In The Bag host that said by Hoki


A giant boat that doesn’t float made up of concrete

You can see Mount Cook when you look down Fitzherbert St


The town name is on a sign that’s made of

Driftwood at the beach, something you should see that state of

The whitebaiting south side of the river

Porky’s Fish and Chips are so good they always deliver


The Dairy Company was just bought by the Chinese

And Glow Worm Dell is for free


Hokitika’s hard to reach 

Sand Dune Golf down at the beach

On the West Coast not the East

Movie theatre - Sofa seats - Yeah yeah


Sock World has socks that are expensive

Greenstone shops a plenty so very extensive

And Glass Blowing Factory is knowing

If you stand in front of the sign that it says Ass Blowing


The Wild Food Fest is where you have Bull Semen Shots

Eat Mountain Oysters a lot


Hokitika there’s Cass Square

Locals getting hammered there

And the town’s honorable mayor

Lives on social media - yeah yeah yeah


There’s some ponds there full of Poo

And the boys and girls in blue

Are all swingers? Is that true? yeah yeah yeah