Poo Towns of NZ - Wellington
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Wellington

Number 89!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

The work rate of this bloke honestly.. Jeremy is up to #PooTownsofNZ89 and it's for the capital Wellington!


Lyrics -


Bums fighting at Glover Park

There’s craft beer and there are lots of beards

Can’t beat Wellington on a good day

They only have 1 or 2 a year


At a crossing you have to lean, or the wind might blow you away

Blanket Man was there

The coffee is better than okay


Earthquakes and trains that break yeah

It’s windy in Wellington


NPC team constantly stacked with all of their returning All Blacks

But they never win

The cable car swings - it might collapse


In Courtney Place at 1am

The girls in high heels fall over them

And the Beehive’s there

And seats are yellow at the Cake-tin

The Strip Club Licks is closed up

It’s closed up in Wellington


Soccer mums get mad when you don’t honk

Your horn back in the Mt Vic tunn-ELL

And the bucket fountain

Makes Cuba Street slippery as hell


If you want to get a cowboy hat

Dakota Bar Courtney Place has that

And the airport blows

So rocky landings is where it’s at


Biggest roundabout in the world is a cricket ground called the Basin

And there’s one way streets

All through the center of Wellington


There’s Te Papa near the harbour

The capital Wellington

Seal Pee Smell In Wellington