Poo Towns of NZ - Kaiapoi
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Kaiapoi

Number 91! Getting closer to the big 100..
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Producer Jeremy is doing a cracker job with these Poo Towns tracks at the moment, this one is for you Kaiapoi! Also what the f**k is wrong with Dunc?


Lyrics - 


There’s the Heller’s Factory, and there’s good whitebaiting

And the famous Woodford Glen speedway - ay ay ay

Mighty Falcons cricket side is full of wounders

People go wees in rubbish bins at the park - on Smith St


This town is called “Riviera of the South Island”

There’s takeaways - too many and they’re all round the gym

That’s in Kaiapoi

That’s in Kaiapoi

Home of the Ingham twns

Get The best pies from Jacobs bakery


Kaiapoi had 3 pubs, Mandy for a shandy

Then the Pier was the place you had a beer

Then the Kaik for a fight

And inside there some nights

People on bikes were doing burnouts

So much - they lost count


Historic boat, they fixed up but it wouldn’t float

And the Swing Bridge, it doesn’t swing or bridge since it broke

That’s in Kaiapoi

That’s in Kaiapoi

Earthquake damage

Names 327 from the phone code


One homeless guy - walking 10k from Pines Beach daily

Going through bins - and with Ranigora there’s a rivalry

That’s in Kaiapoi

That’s in Kaiapoi

Wheelbarrow man

Pushing a blow up swan around town