Poo Towns of NZ - Papamoa
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns of NZ - Papamoa

Getting closer to that centruy.. it's number 93!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Poo Towns of NZ number 93 and it's for the wonderful people of Papamoa!


Lyrics - 


It’s a place full of mansions, on 10 square meters of land

And it’s called Pommymoa, cos there’s so many folk from England

Nicknames Jaffamoa, once all the JAFA’s moved there

Lovely lady asking for a smoke, on the corner by the 4 square

She’s also offering big hugs, to lots of locals round town

Grab a real estate sign for yourself, then on the sand dunes you can slide down

Fashion Island’s deserted, isn’t island or even fashion

Legendary night on New Year Eve, at the Pap Tavern


Welcome to a place called Papamoa

Pony club car park

Burnouts after dark

Happening Friday night in Papamoa

Hear your neighbours farts

They’re not far apart


Though it’s surrounded by houses, nudist beach is still there

It’s upsetting all of the soccer mums, every summer of every year

The home of Tiki Tane, TJ the Indian, and How To Dad

The indicator and cycle helmet, usage around town is really bad

Milfs are always sunbathing, down the Goldens Sands end

Everytime the fire siren sounds, tourists think a tsunami’s coming

After school playing Bullrush down on Topaz Dr

Because it was banned from school you see, in 1995



Wayne the bike man - legend of Papamoa

It’s growing everyday

Nearly at Te Puke

Tradies smashing out houses in Papamoa

There’s Papamoaner’s there

And dogs are everywhere

And dog poo as well