Poo Towns - Te Aroha
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns - Te Aroha

Number 97!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Here you go! This is #PooTowns number 97 and it's for the people of Te Aroha.


Lyrics - 


There is a town

It’s name’s meaning is The Love

A legend, called Can Man, picking cans up

Was a massive flood there in 1985

And there’s a wind, that blows down from the Kaimais


Takes trampolines, and it lifts of lots of roofs

And the intersection in town confused one or two

People use the foot pool as a place to have a swim

There’s a great curry place called Taj Indian


Te Aroha

Home of Jacinda

Te Aroha

Be careful you might meet family on Tinder

There’s more drama in town

Than you see on Shortland Street

The geyser goes off once a day

It’s such a treat



There is a siren

That goes off at 8, 12, and 1

and at 5 to tell you your work is done

And so many places, to get some meat for you

Ingham chicken, Silver Fern, and Wallace Meats too


Te Aroha


Two rugby teams in town. The COBRAS and the losers Waihou

There’s a guy called Chalkie at the Tavern called the Grand

He’ll be the grandad or uncle you never had!


Te Aroha

A massive mountain

That’s why the sun’s not coming out in town until 11

There’s an old clock tower, and spa pools there for you

The Countdown runs out of fly spray and lightbulbs too