Rock Drive

Poo Towns - Waitara

Feat. Brad the Boss 不不
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Here you go Waitara! It's your very own #PooTowns song.


Lyrics - 


Its nickname is Dub T

The Masonic is a pub

And theres also T & C - its the Town and Country Club

Its where the people go, for some Bingo or a Lay

And some loose guy called Harley sings Nickelback all day

The rego and the warrant on your car is optional

And people drive Subaru Foresters round for a thrill


In Waitara

Waitara, Waitara


There never seems to be any road rules in the town

Youll see more fish and chip shops than people that walk around

The most beautifulist women all come from Waitara

People like to fish in the towns dirty brown river

Cows and sheep are floating in it when they are deceased

Sometimes you might find a carcass lying on the beach


In Waitara

Waitara, Waitara


Brad The Boss is from The Rock hes also from this town

He likes to say things like I was the best athlete around

Its got the only Bin Inn around in Taranaki

So people make the trip to go there from big old NP

A guy called Nick Toa seems to rub people the wrong way

On Facebook youll find the You know you lived in Waitara page


In Waitara

Waitara, Waitara