Poo Towns - Whangamata
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns - Whangamata

Keep 'em coming Producer Jeremy!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Here's your very own #PooTowns track Whangamata!


Lyrics -


There is a town where all the driveways were just grass and sand

But all that changed when people immigrated from Auckland

The Skatepark turns into a swimming pool there when it rains

Who’s the guy on the electric skateboard, 2am each day?


New Years Riots and Beach Hop in Whangamata

A ghost town in winter not in summer

Looking for a girl? The sand dunes where they are!

Getting car sick on the road to Whangamata


The streetlights don’t work at night time, just sometimes through the day

People think the next town mayor should be the builder Zane

Ben Kennings from a family that win surf titles for fun

A town icon called Wiggy keeps afloat all the town pubs


2 gas stations finally in Whangamata

Used to cost a kidney to fill up your car

Cops took out weed plants with a helicopter

And they dropped seeds all over Whangamata


Smokey Pallet, great playgrounds in Whangamata

All kinds of food at La Hacienda

Sarah got flea bites at the movie theater

School reunions at the pub in Whangamata


Sea and Salt Takeaways, hear your order from your car

Cos they read it out over a loud speaker

Marina full of boats, but not one charter

Sick Manus off the wharf in Whangamata