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Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns - All of NZ

The big 100!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

After doing 99 cracker tunes for all around the country, Jeremy has doing the big #100 for the entire country!


Lyrics -


Kiwis love

Bronze medals, duct tape, 

Gumboots, #8

Wire, Whangarei

Roadworks everyday

Driving 80 till a passing lane

Hating Auckland, Worlds longest place name:


Blow on the pie cops will tell you


Urine in the Waikato River

All that cow poo makes it thicker

Covid lockdown then they started

Quarantine at the supermarket


Wagon Wheel,

Exponents, Shihad

Speights and All Blacks

And How To Dad


Justin Marshall saying Boomfah

Jimmy’s Pies and Poo Towns Mother Fucker


Kiwis Love


Left my scooter outside the dairy

Nek Minnit, Gooserooter from Geraldine

Cheese Rolls they’re South Island Sushi

Rock 1000, Roger Farrelly


Green Grass Of Home isn’t lawn in Hawkes Bay

Watties Sauce on all food all day every day

Selling water off to foreigners

Then in summer having shortages


Massive tax on fuel and ciggies

Please tell me that is not your penis Shortland St

Farmers sending heaps of exports

Townies complain about them of course

Earthquakes, cannabis grows a plenty

Griffins, Pineapple Lumps and L&P

Socks and jandals, when it’s not summer

South Island was Maui’s Waka - This is Poo Town’s Mother Fucker