Poo Towns - Tauranga
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns - Tauranga

Here we go ladies & gents.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Here you go ladies and gents, it's #PooTowns of Tauranga ðŸ¤˜


Lyrics - 


Travelling through a sea of road cones

Two of the country’s 3 toll roads

Rank smell round the beaches, rotten sea lettuce

Patrick’s Pies are wonderful for breakfast


Living in the land Tauranga

All the road names there are just numbers

Retirees kind of like Florida

In Welcome Bay - the squad of Armed Offenders


And if all the shops are kind of empty

Then tell me how there’s never any parking?

I’m begging you can you lift my wages?

$10 Tauranga, prices are outrageous


Traffic lights all around Tauranga

Didn’t fix the traffic - what a bummer

Getting over run by JAFA’s

It’s unreliable the bus they call The Bay Hopper


Boys College brought you Sam Cane

Kane Williamson, and Peter Burling

The Mount is home to Lovely Trenty

Yes they all come from the Bay of Plenty


Did you hear about Tauranga?

Was a Rubber Duck race in the harbour

Was 5000 ducks, till a massive blunder

There was a fishing net, half went around or under


Lots of traffic in Tauranga

Traffic stuck in a 12 hour Rush Hour

Indian Man on a horse - is such a wonder

All the teens on The Strand at night they like to chunder


2 degrees of separation – even though it’s

Boomers getting drunk and singing along to 'brown eyed girl' at the strand's cougerstone (cornerstone) pub on a Friday night

RIP crazy Jack's.

Red square in the center of town, it’s not red and it isn’t square.

Post your Christmas cards from Bethlehem in Tauranga.