Poo Towns - Havelock
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Poo Towns - Havelock

Here you go Havelock it's your very own #PooTowns track!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

For the wonderful people of Havelock! ENJOY.


Lyrics - 


I’m eating mussels in Havelock

Thick fog in winter there a lot

Annoy the owners of the Mussel Pot

By asking for a clam or a scallop


Aroma Aquaculture shout out to them

Lads there known as Jules and Bryn

The best girls in town are all taken

The other 3 are single for a reason


It’s a Sausage Fest in town, that’s why

All the school girls have boyfriends age 25

There’s hair on girls chins, and it sounds like

More hair up there than downstairs, alright?


A Hippo Lives In Havelock, it’s a book

And it’s loved by kids, yeah it’s worth a look

Fish and Chip shop burnt down, it was cooked

Fire Station next door, but too long they took


Local rugby team called that is called Bojacks

And someone for went for a random crap

On the Principal’s doorstep a few years back

No one knows where it is - use Google Maps


How you find Havelock

The Mussel Factory has often got

Compared to University a lot

That’s where the School kids go when out they drop

In Havelock


Kind of like Picton but with no ferry

Petrol Station better pies than the bakery

At 5 o'clock hear the local Donkey

I think his hee-haw is so sexy


They only drink Woodstock or Mussel Juice

Or sometimes they get water from their poos

Add chlorine to sewerage, that’s uncouth

But apparently sometimes that’s the truth


At The Slip Inn they have Slip Inn Cider

Swinging at the Caravan Park every night-a

Place where Tinder doesn’t go alright

Have-A Look at Havelock say the Blenheimites.


Sometimes known as Havelock South

An old boy owns the pub, and man his mouth

Outdrinking patrons day in, day out

Ian’s his name, you can introduce yourself


Not many in Havelock

5-60 people’s all they’ve got

Alleged deer poacher was a local cop

And it’s invaded by Seagulls a lot

That’s Havelock