Poo Towns - Twizel
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns - Twizel

For the people in the Mackenzie District!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Here you go Twizel!


Lyrics - 

All the streets around town go round in circles

Round a really big circle, And there’s always people getting lost

Houses in the old part are identical

All look the same as each other, at the two Four Squares stuff’s a high cost

Why are they so close together?


There’s conceptions, up on Man Made Hill

And if Snoop Dogg was from this town

He’d say Twizzle, to my Nizzle

So many backyard bars around


Mike at the R.S.A.’s great, in Twizel, in Twizel

Serves salmon balls up to mates, in Twizel, in Twizel

The town was only just founded - in 1968

And Ruataniwha’s the name of Twizel’s famous lake

Twizel’s famous lake


Jake’s Hardware store’s the best n the country,

And there’s a Cafe called Poppies, Maadi Cup is popular with rowers

Every second guy in town is named Barry, 

5 places for drinking, this winter there were 10 days in a row

Didn’t get above freezing


There’s a playground, where the kids break bones

The town of trees is how it’s known

But they stole that from Cambridge up north



So many rabbits around, in Twizel, in Twizel

New Years ATM runs out, in Twizel, in Twizel


There’s fog and bad internet there, yeah in Twizel

BJ The DJ each New Year, in Twizel  In Twizel