Poo Towns - Westport
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Poo Towns - Westport

A ripper for Westport!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Here you go Westport it's your very own #PooTowns track.


Lryics - 


 Unimaginatively named town in the South Island

Hardly a port there now

Currency they use whitebait during whitebait season

Drinking water looks more like Double Brown


It’s known as Waste Pit and Methport

Buller Gorge Marathon - finish at Vic Square

Quarry Burger the biggest you ever bought

And you smell like coal after a shower there


Rainbow Tearooms making Rainbow Pies

People spreading gossip ‘bout you all the time


In West Port

What did they say

In West Port

Are they talking bout me?


Santa Pub Crawl every year always makes the news

And good on you Big Blue

Races on Boxing Day - such a big occassion

Teens at the New World writing Poo on a wall with Poo


Drive down the main street all the time

It is called a Mainer - the town is closed by 9

There’s a Lost Lagoon they’ll never find

Black and White Hotel where there is always fight


And if someone says the tip head, the tip, or the tippa

It’s not the rubbish dump - it’s the breakwater


In West Port

Catching a wave

In West Port

Grab a mince pie today

Down at Freckle’s Cafe

West Port