The Morning Rumble

WATCH: Rog aka "Feeble Knievel" challenged Jay & Dunc to a motorbike race but couldn't even kick-start one

He almost knocked the bike over before getting on it.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

The Big Dog's been running his mouth - again.

Earlier this week, we remembered that it was about one year ago that Rog started talking about how great he was at riding motorbikes as a kid. 

We were going to make him prove it, until he had an unfortunate run in with a lawn mower and "nearly lost two fingers" (he didn't) and needed two weeks off work.

Yes, that's right - a man who claimed to be NZ's most promising motorcross rider can't even operate a lawn mower.

But Rog is back to his old ways, and not only did he double down on his claim that he's a motorbike master, he called out our Drive team - Jay and Dunc, two real motorbike riders - saying they're chumps and he'd smoke them in a track race (which is happening next week).

So Mike (filling in for Bryce) brought in his bike to work to see if Rog could back up his words and start up his bike....which he couldn't.

Watch him fail miserably above.