The Morning Rumble

We chatted to Pacey, the legend who followed a tourist that shat on his mates lawn

The German tourist was fined $400 and had to pick up his shit.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

This is the sort of shit you wouldn't read about. 

18 year old Pacey Grooby has become a bit of a celebrity after filming a video of a tourist taking a dump on his mates lawn, and uploading the video to Facebook. 

Pacey had a chat to The Rumble this morning, telling them all the details of what went down. Turns out Pacey chased the grotty lad down, and even found him peeing outside of his house a couple days later.

The German tourist was fined $400 and had to pick his shit up. 

Pacey has now appeared on various news shows, in NZ and overseas sharing his hilarious story.

What a bloody rollercoaster. And Pacey mate, you're a legend.