The Morning Rumble

PRANK: How far is Rog willing to go to help Producer Melissa get a flat?

Rog has said he'd do anything for young Producer Melissa - but would he be her guarantour? Hmmm....
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Rog, the ever so kind man, offered to be a character reference for Producer Melissa, who is currrently applying for flats to live in.

He said he'd "put in the good word" -  which made us naturally think, what would he even say? How much would he lie for Melissa - how far was he willing to go?

So we prank called him, getting Caitlin from the office to pretend to be a property manager and ask him a few would Rog be her gurantour?

And naturally, the convo turned to his Dancing With The Stars days....typical.

Watch above.