The Morning Rumble

The hilarious texts from Bryce's stoned mate who watched a 2013 Chiefs replay thinking it was live

"You're watching 2013 ya pissed c**t"
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Bryce's mates get stoned and make dumb mistakes? Noooooooo way.....

This is one of the funniest text exchanges you will read. It's between two of Bryce's friends, Colin who was at home watching TV, and Mark, who Bryce was hanging out with at the time.

Colin starts the text by showing off his "perfect combo" - a giant sized Kingfisher beer and a big fat doobie. Colin then starts talking about how good the Chiefs vs Highlanders game was....but what he didn't realise (because he was high) was he was watching a replay from a 2013 game.


Anyway, relive the text exchange with Bryce and Mulls playing the characters.

And sort yaself out Colin.