This map shows which countries have the biggest boobs

Chicks 19/08/2016

The internet is all a-titter over a new map that claims to chart the world according to breast size.

See the map HERE.

New Zealand women have an average B cup bra size, according to the Target Map chart; less than that of Australia, which averages a C cup.

Russia and Scandanavia feature the chart's biggest average breasts with an average of "larger than D cup"; while an A cup average is reported for several countries throughout Asia, Africa and South America.

Anyone taking the data seriously, however, is only going to make a boob of themself. Despite multiple news websites running the story, the only source of the information appears to be Target Map user 'yarkko' - hardly a scientific journal.

While some may see the breast size chart as a silly joke, it's been labelled "disgusting" and "misogynistic rubbish" by some internet users.

A similar chart was released in 2015 showing the average penis size around the world.

According to that equally dubious information, Kiwi men beat their Australian counterparts by .3 of an inch - but lagged well behind Congo's average of 7.1".

However much truth there is to these statistics, size doesn't matter, so neither do these maps.