Maddog chick completes base jump while butt-naked

Chicks 26/06/2017

A thrill-seeker has taken her adrenaline rush to the next level - after jumping off a cliff wearing nothing but her parachute.

Annelise Temple shared the video to her Instagram after her instructor told her she had to "feel the air on your body."

"It's not about the gear, it's about your skills," he said. "So first, you have to practice slick."

Temple then turned up for her jump stark naked. "Ok, am I good to go?" she asked, to her instructor's shock.

"Yeah, yeah. That's the kind of gear I like," he replied.

The video then cuts to her head-first plummet, with her bare bottom facing the camera as she dwindles into the distance.

Temple's video has quickly amassed over 100,000 views and helped her Instagram account grow to over 22,000 followers.