Female Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter makes thief her bitch after he tried stealing her bag

Chicks 22/11/2018

Karma - it's a bitch.

From Newshub's Scott Palmer:

A would-be mugger in Brazil has been left begging for mercy after attempting to rob a female jiu-jitsu expert.

As Sabrina Leites, 22, awaited outside her family home, 18-year-old Magdeel da Silva and his accomplice pulled up on a motorcycle and demanded her cell phone.

But after Ms Leites decided to fight back, the pair attempted to flee. Da Silva's criminal partner managed to escape on the motorcycle, but left his friend alone to flee on foot.

A neighbour saw the robbery attempt and ran da Silva over with a car. Then Ms Leites, who has a white belt in the fighting sport, turned the tables and pounced.

Video shot by bystander shows da Silva helpless in an arm-bar while crying in pain and begging for mercy.

"No more, no more," he yells, while Ms Leites gives the thumbs-up sign.

"When you have the technique you know how to act in a situation of immobilisation because all this is a technique of immobilisation," Ms Leites told media.

Da Silva has been arrested and charged with attempted robbery.