Carmen Electra just shared a bunch of steaming hot nudes that'll make ya wanna sit down

Chicks 27/09/2018

Carmen Electra dominated the world back in her 90's Baywatch days, and two decades of living certainly haven't effected her smoking good looks. 

If anything, she's like a wine. Getting better and bettter with time. 

At 46, the model and actress has just posed for a nude photo shoot with Hollywood photographer Eli Russel Elintz (what a sweet gig Eli...)

All in the name of art... Of course.

Have a geez at her artistry below. 

Incase you were concerned, she does have nipples. Instagram is just shit scared of the areola. #FreeTheNips

And while you're here, Carmen also posed for a few pics in patriotic bustier. And nothing else.

America. F*ck yeah. 

Good onya, Carmen.