Sit down lads, Sophie Turner's here, sleeved in tats, rocking a smoking hot bikini

Chicks 16/01/2018

Sophie Turner turned Sansa Stark into quite possibly the hottest ginga of all time. Right up there with Isla Fisher, Emma Stone and Amy Adams... 

We already know Sophie's smoking hot... but these new pics are really making us feel some things. 

With Game Of Thrones wrapping up next year, the 21-year-old actress is turning to Hollywood for new roles, including the lead in the critically acclaimed upcoming film Josie.

I show up at 3 a.m.
She's still up watching Vacation
And I see her pretty face
It takes me away to a better place and I know that everything, know that everything...

Okay, it's not a film adaption of the Blink 182 track. 

Deadline describe the film's synopsis as: 'Josie follows the tattooed, sweet-talking stranger Josie (Sophie Turner) who, upon arriving to a small, southern town, strikes up relationships with local young punk Marcus (Jack Kilmer) and her loner neighbor Hank (Dynlan McDermott). 

No beating around the bush, Josie sounds like a bad b*tch, but her rock chick aesthetic has created a puddle of drool next to our keyboard... Have a geeze below.  

God damn it Sophie... 

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