5 top notch gifs from the big dog's bloody outstanding samba on DWTS last night

Dancing with the Stars NZ 22/05/2018

Last night's ep of Dancing With The Stars saw Rog give NZ one hell of a samba. Arguably one of the most entertaining 2.5 minutes in NZ television history. 

Not to mention Rog has just become the first man to pull off a fedora. Ever. 
We've immortalised some of the big dog's best dance moves from the night, in quality giphy form.

These gifs really showcase how cooked those blimmin judges were - putting this NZ hero at the bottom of the table? What the shit is wrong with them?

So NZ, now, more so than ever, Rog needs your votes. Keep this outstanding (and highly entertaining) twinkle toe magic on National television. Text ROG to 3333 and keep the moves coming...
99c a text, net profit goes to Ronald McDonald House. 

Now, time for the gifs, in all their glory. 

1. The "Hello, I'm Rog, the celebrity."

2. The "Let me see your hips SWING."

3. The "You're God damn right, I'm a NZ Hero." 

4. The "Somebody help, I'm having a fit."

5. The "Seeya."

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Don't forget to vote, vote, vote. 

The judges really stitched our hero up this week - placing him bottom of the table AND making him dance last.  

Do your country a service, text "ROG" to 3333.