Nate from Mai FM thinks Rog is getting screwed over by the DWTS judges, tells everyone to vote for him

Dancing with the Stars NZ 07/05/2018

Last night, Rog took to the d-floor for his second outing on Dancing With The Stars, this time rocking the crowd with a cha-cha, which left us gobsmacked once again....

...but the judges? Not so much.

The three judges gave Roggie a 6, 5, and 5 for a total score of 16.

We thought the little fella did pretty damn good, and we weren't the only ones to think so too.

Nate Nauer from the Mai Morning Crew - Mai FM's breakfast show that nearly everyone in Auckland listens to - threw in his support behind the big dog and asked his listeners to vote ROG to 3333 (go on, vote for him - it's only 99c per text and proceeds go to charity).

Bloody good on ya Nate. We'll get Rog to come round and treat your office with a special performance this arvo.