Rog has made it another week, so here's 10 ridiculously good gifs from last night's twerk off

Dancing with the Stars NZ 11/06/2018

Thanks to everyone's ongoing support, Rog has made it another week on Dancing With The Stars

We couldn't be more proud of you Roggy. Here's ten of his most entertaining moves from last night... Or, actually, ever. 

1. The "Play it cool bro, I think she's keen."

2. The "#bootygains"

3. The "Let me at him, let me at him - Here hold me back. "

4. The "Yeah, yeah, fuck, yeah."

5. The "Shakka brah"

6. The "Hips don't lie... Sometimes wish they did."

7. The "Damn, pretty tired, reckon we can take a break from Jump Jam Carol?"

8. The "Time to hit the floor. Probably just stay down here for a bit." 

9. The "Alright, I'll give this twerking business a hoon."

10. The "Clear the dance floor, Roggy's here."