The dream might be over, but damn, getting fought over by Shav Ruakere and Jess Quinn isn't a bad way to go out big dog

Dancing with the Stars NZ 18/06/2018

It's the end of the road (or dance) for Rog and Carol-Ann.

Our top dancing duo were placed in the bottom two on Monday's episode, and after they put their heart and soul into a final dance off against the breathlessly talented and beautiful Jess Quinn, sadly they were eliminated. 

Yep. All good things come to an end.

The twinkle toes may be hung up, and quietly Rog is bloody tired and probably well ready to get back to his normal routine, but before we do anything else, can we just raise our glasses to you!

You - And everyone else who got behind Roggy boy and Carol-Ann, sent words of support and gave their hard-earned dollars over to the amazing Ronald McDonald House charity, thank you.

After Bryce and Mulls stitched Rog up, and pulled him on to Dancing With The Stars, we all expected the big dog to last a couple weeks.

We'd have a laugh, donate some money to a good cause, and move on. Instead we've gone on an eight week long roller coaster - and shit damn, it's been a fun ride.   
And, for Rog's final routine, (not counting the repeat, for the final dance off ) he got to do a group dance with the hotties Shav and Jess - who are both well and truly, in the running to actually win this thing.

Watch the girls and the amazing Carol-Ann, dance all over our hero. 

Bloody lucky bugger.

Yeah, yeah. There may have been a stumble in there... But Rog, you've done us all proud. 

And that dancing show is going to suck without you... 

(Did you hear Sharyn begging for more Dubbing Over The Stars?)   
Forever the people's champ. On ya Roggy.