Wind Up Your Wife

Want us to Wind-Up-Your-Wife???
Register your details here for Wind Up Your Wife and cheers to Demon Energy we'll hook your target up with $500 cash and a case of Demon Energy. Trust us they won't stay mad for long!
It doesn't have to be your wife that they wind up, could be your mate, boss or even your mum!
Standard Rock Terms and Conditions Apply, check them here.
Your call must be broadcast on The Rock Network for you to be eligible for the prize. Judges' decision is final.

Libby's tattooist dad Dave got so riled up he didn't even want the prize money! Listen here
Chris winds up his German lady Julia (WARNING: there are tears!) listen here
Rhino gets wound up over his illegal pool, listen here
Jordan winding his mrs up about their neighbours fence, listen here.
Kate from Invercargill wound up by her hubby Gus over Vodafone Homegrown Tickets, listen here.
Reni getting her sister Pele over her wedding catering, listen here
Poor Riccardo, we got him again! Listen here to us winding The Rock's music man up about his band and their supposed big break.
Dave wound up his bride-to-be about issues with the legality of their wedding which was only days away, listen here
Mark winding up his wife Caroline over their new car which was damaged on top of a tow truck, listen here.
Richard wound up his winemaker father about a wrong delivery of bottles, listen here.
We wound up the Rock's music man Riccardo about his band playing at the Big Day out, listen here.
Sprock a truckie and huge Holden fan from Hamilton winding up his mate Dave over his Ford Ute, listen here.
We wound up Doully from the Morning Rumble! It's fantastic, listen here.
Listen here to Jason winding up his brother David over a one night stand 
We wound up Bryn's Dad Steve about his Bobcat, listen here.
Rick got us to wind up his mate John about telemarketers, listen here.
Andrew wound up his boss about their milk, listen here.
Karen got us to wind up her boss about his dealings with the Inland Revenue, listen here.
We got Dai Henwood totally wound up hours before he had to host the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, listen here.
Poor South African Emma gets wound up over her baby, listen here.
Tony winding up his wife Amanda about not paying her tax on time for their shop, listen here.
Mark winding up his flat mate Jen over her prized cats (there are some tears), listen here
The $10,000 Wind Up Your Wife the boys were not allowed to play this on air, listen here 
Vanessa wanted to get her brother Russell who has played pranks on her since they were young, listen here
Baden winding up his lady Carly over her prized car, listen here
Marcelle got us to wind up his Stepdad about a loan he guarenteed, priceless! Listen here
Lee getting his wife Fiona about her new job as an Air Hostess. Lots of tears very a very mean call,  listen here.
Jodi  winding up her man Tony over the supermarket Pick N Mix, listen here
Jason  getting his misses Kirstein over an engine rebuild she had already payed off, listen here 
This guy's  wife sent him some naughty photos on her cellphone, listen here
Caleb getting his misses Sabine over her application to a prestigious design school in the Netherlands, listen here
We made another dude cry...this time a grown man and he was an ozzy so that makes it better! listen here
We made our first male cry! Listen here
The bravest wind up yet - Roger and Megan have been going through a bitter custody battle over their son Leigh for the last 2 years, listen here
Paulo Gomes from Whangarei winding up his wife Sarah... This is emotional, listen here
The Celebrity Wind Up - in full! Listen here
Would you get this emotional about some dolls? - Listen here
Grant stirring up his lovely wife on Valentine's - Listen here
Ever rented a house and ruined it? You will know how Tammy feels - Listen here
This weeks WUYW she's a cracker - Listen here 
Have you had a run in with a building consent officer before? Well Mike did and we got him a pearler - Listen here
There were some legal issues with this WUYW so all we could do was Re- Enact it - Listen here
This week's WUYW.... Our first pom - Listen here
Quite possibly the best ever!!! - Listen here
You thought you were pissed about the All Blacks shock World Cup exit - Listen here
Would you take free money from a cash machine? - Listen here to someone who did
Poor old Rere hates her hubby's obsession - listen here
Louise's man Trev decided she need to be rarked up following a display of outrageous behaviour at a hotel - listen here
Tony got his Misses Tania they are about to get married (well hopefully still after this) - listen here
Haha we got her. The Rock's very own breakfast host Leah Panapa.. She was already pissed with her insurance company and we rubbed salt into the wounds - listen here
Here is Adam winding up his lady Nicole - listen here
Blair wanted to wind up his flatmate over her new car - listen here
Chris wanted to stir up his misses Kelly over his cell phone bill which is actually under her name, listen here 
The girls get one back this week, listen here
Poor old Tina is pissed about her carpet, listen here
Chick this out, there are tears!
Magoo loves his footy and his Misses is sick of it listen here
Dan got us to wind up his fiancee Sigrid, listen here
Here is Stu getting one over his Canadian Wife Ashley 
Here is Mel getting wound up by her hubby Gary who is in the Army WARNING There are tears
WUYW, would you sleep with your partner's potential boss just to get them the job? Listen here
Have a listen here to this poor girl get wound up about her student loan after she has been ripping off the system (obviously we can't mention names)
Ladies it's been a long time coming, but we finally got a bloke for WUYW. Have a listen to Anita's man Dave getting wound up here

Have a listen to Lois getting wound up about her hire purchases here

We wind up Kelly on her birthday here

Poor Scottish Angela gets wound up about her power bill here

Shane winds up his wife Leah about their temporary house here.

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Another WUYW, this time Jarrod's lady get's him over some accomadation he had booked for a stag do. Listen here

Click here to hear Craig wind up his misses Ttina about the coffee she's been buying.  

Shane tries to Wind up his misses Shelly except it all gets turned back on him. Listen here.

Click here to listen as Jono winds up Brendan's wife Shirleen about their accommodation for INXS.
This one is great, we didn't wind up a wife, we fooled Bec's man Nigel. Click here to listen.